William A. Balser is the CEO is the founder of Miss Mermaid Germany and International. It is also the chairman of Euromodel Agency in Germany.


The idea of ​​creating a contest of Miss Mermaid Germany came to him during a photoshoot camp for an event in Mallorca in 2013. One of the candidates had a mermaid tail "Magic Tail" with her and proposed a shoot for "fun".


For this competition, William Balser has joined two important partners to develop this idea. The first partner was Katharina Hegemann, the founder of "Mermaids Club Germany" near Stuttgart. The second was Kirsten Söller, Freiburg, creator of "Magic Tails" and online store owner of mermaids tails designed to swim.


He created a website and invited candidates to participate in this new competition.


24 candidates presented themselves for the final to enter the title of the first edition of Miss Mermaid Germany 2014. The event happened at Oskar Frech Seebad Schorndorf. The contest winner was Vada Muller of Bavaria.


Mr. Balser then decided to bring this competition internationally in 2015. He made advertising through internet and social networks to find future candidates.


At the end of this promotion, the election of "Miss Mermaid Germany" and "Miss Mermaid International" took place at the "Sheraton Soma Bay" hotel in Hurghada Egypt. 10 German and 14 international candidates candidates were nominated to participate in this competition.

2015 therefore marks the first edition of Miss Mermaid International. Following this international event, Jessica Maag was proposed as director of "Miss Mermaid Switzerland" to designate the next Swiss representative for the international edition in 2016 and 2017.

Miss Mermaid Switzerland 2018 is directed by Silvia Malagon Y Alea and Cecilia Infanti. In 2019's edition Tabea Steiger will support Cecilia as a National Director. 

© 2019 Miss Mermaid Switzerland | photos and videos: lightedge, liquid art, RGG Photography, Stephanie Thalmann

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