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Conditions and rouls

Age 18 - 36 years.


Multiple participation is possible.

Mermaids applying, should be good swimmers, speak and understand english, have the swiss nationality, be confortable in front of cameras or photographic devices, able to do underwater photoshootings with the eyes open, and have a talent to present in 2-4min (in prevision of the international contest, not the national one).

The Miss Mermaid Switzerland organisation, will not care about your height, your weight, if you have experience in modeling or not and if you have tattoos or piercings. Everyone has a chance to become Miss Mermaid.

Only Professional Mermaids - who work permanently as a Mermaid or as an under water model are not allowed to participate the contest (a Famous Mermaid for example: Hannah Fraser Mermaid).



- Long Distance Diving (min 25m)
- Posing Under Water
- Under Water Parcours

- Behavior
- Face
- Figure

- Movement
- Interview / Intellect
- Decoration of own Mermaid       Costume


STEP 1: We need some information about you:

- First Name /  Family Name:
- Streetname and No.
- City / ZIP Code:
- Phone / Cellphone:

- Facebook Name

- Email:

- Date of Birth:

- Height:

- Profession:

- Hobbies:

- Model Experience: YES/NO

- Languages:

STEP 2: We want 2-4 photos - portraits and body - from you:

STEP 3: You confirm the following statements.

YES - Photos attached to my application can be free used for publications by  Euromodel Agency, Magictail and all partners and sponsors of Euromodel  Agency with no limits for press, media, advertising, social media and  prints
Also Photos which will be taken while my participation at the MISS MERMAID PAGEANT can be free used for publications by Euromodel Agency,  Magictail and all partners and sponsors of Euromodel Agency without limits for press, media, advertising, social media and prints.