"Miss Mermaid Switzerland", a Swiss organization , conducts the election of the next Miss Mermaid for the contest " Miss Mermaid International", taking place in a country in the world.


Represented in the first international edition of the Contest in 2015, Jessica Maag from Switzerland has demonstrated brilliantly by winning the award for "Best in Water " and presenting a unique performance in the competition (Firebreathing). The contest was held at the Sheraton Hotel, in Soma Bay, Egypt.

Franziska Anneler, Winner of "Miss Mermaid Switzerland 2016" represented our country, in october, at the Port Ghalib Hotel in Marsa Alam, Egypt. She won the title of 1st Runner Up and the sash of "Best in Water" of Miss Mermaid International 2016.

Justine Produit, Winner of "Miss Mermaid Switzerland 2017"  represented our country, in november, at the Grand Hotel in Sharm el Sheik , Egypt. She won the title of "Best Behavior" of Miss Mermaid International 2017.

In April 2019 Line Perruchoud was represent 

Switzerland. She won "Miss Mermaid Switzerland" 2018.

Florine Escher, Winner of "Miss Mermaid Switzerland 2019" will represent our country at Miss Mermaid International 2020 in Egypt.

Good Luck Florine!

photo by Steffanie Thalmann

  • Miss Mermaid Switzerland Contest is not only a beauty contest, it is also a sporting competition.

  • It is also about fantasy, magic, to make children curious, make their eyes sparkle and make dreams come true.

  • It is a family adventure where adults and children become part of the wonderful mermaid world. Family and frends are welcome to join the event, and will be there when the best Mermaid in Switzerland is crowned.

  • This contest is open to anyone between 18 and 36 years, whether big, small, thick or thin. The abilities as a mermaid count.

  • Through this contest, mermaiding will become even more popular as a respected sport and, at the same time awareness of our responsibilities will be sharpened.

"Miss Mermaid Switzerland" is a non-profit organisation, based on volunteering. All expenses to create the event are financed by sponsors. 

© 2019 Miss Mermaid Switzerland | photos and videos: lightedge, liquid art, RGG Photography, Stephanie Thalmann

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