Van Morrison


Smell the sea and feel the sky,

let your soul and spirit fly.

Miss Mermaid Switzerland says goodbye

After a long back and forth and various conversations, MMS comes to the conclusion to say "Goodbye".

It was five exciting years and everyone could gather new experiences.

However, as Mermaiding depends on more than just beauty, we part ways and Switzerland renounces the new license from William Balser of 500.00 €.

The organizers of the MMS prefer the emphasis on the sport aspect, therefore we will focus on the MerLympics in the future and work more closely with the schools and federations, in order to become fair the extraordinary underwater sport.

In this sense:  „Bye bye Miss Mermaid Switzerland“.

© 2019 Miss Mermaid Switzerland | photos and videos: lightedge, liquid art, RGG Photography, Stephanie Thalmann

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